“Revolutionary fabrics” for the England 2002 World Cup Shirts

At our Long Eaton roadshow, a lady, who came to share her stories with us, happened to see the Technical Textiles Magazine from 2002 on display and was surprised to see herself on the front cover.  Penn Nyla employed 250 people in Derby and Long Eaton, and supplied warp and weft knitted fabric for  performance sportswear, automotive and technical textiles sectors.  The magazine’s front cover featured employees proudly wearing England World Cup Shirts, as Penn Nyla supplied “revolutionary fabrics”  for the 2002 World Cup shirts and were worn by the England team including players David Beckham and Michael Owen.  The fabric was developed to “provide performance for both the players and the football fan”.  The article was upbeat and positive at this time with the company described as “ going from strength to strength”, but sadly it wasn’t enough, as the firm, later known as Nylatex went into administration in 2010.

Did you work for, or know anyone that worked for Penn Nyla or Nylatex?  If you do, we’d love to hear your stories so please contact us via the link below.

(Quotes and images taken from the Technical Textiles Magazine)