More clips from those who worked in the industry

Here are views from three different women describing various aspects of life in the textile trade…

This interviewee started in the industry at Charnos, before going on to be a partner in her own textile company. Here, she describes what she loved about it.

This interviewee was a young machinist at Rutland Garments, Ilkeston.
Here, she gives a quick synopsis of her working day!

This interviewee worked at Rutland Garments in Ilkeston, before going on to run her own textile company. Here, she was asked what she thought were the biggest changes she saw in the industry during her working life.

The descriptions in the following clips all relate to the textile industry’s influence on the local areas.

These two ladies dropped into our event at Strutts North Mill, Belper. They both worked in local factories, one at Jaeger, and the other at Brettles and Blounts. Here, they recall the town’s long history with industry and how it drew workers from all around the area.

This interviewee worked at one of the large textile firms in Long Eaton that took part in the Long Eaton carnival (and won it for several consecutive years during her time there). Here, she describes preparations for the carnival during the 1980s.

This couple were recorded at our event at Erewash Museum. Here they describe what it was like living and working in the textile industry in the town.