Lace Unravelled

ACC 1865 (Box 118)

Nottingham City Museums’ collection of machine made lace and lace machinery was designated as a collection of national importance in 2014, leading to the Lace Unravelled project. The project aimed to enhance the knowledge of the collection, conserve the more fragile elements and make the collection more accessible.  The collection includes lace clothing, designs, table cloths and even some menus made in lace, machines and over 100 lace sample books.

To share this, four films were made (search lace unravelled on youtube), two roadshows, a lacewalk and two exhibitions.  One of the people who took part in the project said “it is really nice to see lace being profiled in Nottingham and we would like to see more events like this to share this great work”.

The Lace Unravelled project was funded by the Arts Council Designation Development Fund.